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959 W Fairbanks Ave Winterpark FL
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407 603 5108 
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our story

Back in 2015 we started out on a mission to change the stereotype of bland, boring vegan options. Pushing the boundaries in vegan cuisine. Bringing together street food culture with delicious plant based flavors. A true one of its kind match up for vegans and street food enthusiast.

When we realized how few plant-based comfort food options there were for vegans, vegetarians or health conscious foodies, we decided to change that.

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Feast For A King

Oversized flour tortilla stuffed with perfectly spiced chorizo, ques'oh, and a sauce trifecta.

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Frequentely asked questions

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Is Everything On Our Menu Vegan?

YES! We don't use any dairy or animal products including honey and bone-char.

Do you have to be vegan to enjoy jacked up?

No! Come be a Jacked Up Vegan! We mimic the taste, feel, and flavor of everyone's favorite comfort foods so that everyone could enjoy with all the flavor and none of the guilt or sacrifice!

do we offer Delivery?

Yes! We offer delivery on our website ordering, through uber, door dash, and other delivery platforms. As well as a pick-up option so you can skip the line and sometimes wait.

Where is our plant-based meat sourced from?

Local vegan food distributors. Support local business!

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